Sunday, May 3, 2009


Ok so this video is of some people who camped out for days just to get some shoes...they weren't just any shoes...They were Kanye's Air YEEZY's....but still....Is a pair of shoes that will one day go out of style (or a new design for it will be released) really worth loosing your job and income? is it really worth missing many days of school and failing out? (not that I ever liked high school, though I made it out damn good and went to college)....I'm just puzzles me how materialistic this country...and the world can be sometimes....Oh well...the shoes are undeniably fly, but I doubt I would camp out days to get a pair....Kanye and who ever he worked with did an amazing job on designing this shoe...maybe one day when I'm not a broke ass fool I'l cop a pair! Lol

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  1. smh... thats sad.. i mean they cute, but not that cute lol