Tuesday, December 23, 2008


This video came out awhile ago, and my dude Josh a.k.a. Kon Hathaway (who is a Hip Hop producer on his grind) told me I had to check out this video.  So he pulled it up on youtube...and let me tell you...This video is bad ass man. It is incredible and who ever the director Justice hired to make this video is, he's a genius.  It is very authentic and the pace of it is crazy.  Sometimes I am just in that bad mood when I just wanna walk around and tear shit up.  Ofcourse I can't, because there are allways consequences for ones actions.....So I stay smart and try to chill out.  This video is also pretty good to watch when you are feeling rebelious....It's pure chaos.  I am not promoting violence, because peace is a very good thing that the world needs....BUT, this video is THAT PIFF! AND SO IS THE SONG!  I also desperately want one of their leather jackets...They go hard!

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