Sunday, May 23, 2010

"The Perfect Song" Teaser Trailer- directed by Lalithra Fernando...starring me

So this year I somehow managed to balance my crazy school schedule in Tisch with taking trains repeatedly out to Princeton to work with my homie Lalithra Fernando who was a senior and is now graduating from one of the most difficult schools in the world (Princeton University). We became real good friends over the course of the year and it was a pleasure working on this film, and working hard! There were many cold mornings, COLD COLD mornings, crazy stressful times, but we got it done!

The film is about a young man named Cal Leto, who constantly hears music. It brings back thoughts and memories of a family he never knew, so he goes on a journey to find them, while his own personal soundtrack in his mind leads the way....I have to say it was truly a bad ass feeling to play a telepath who hears music. I often wish I was Cal actually haha....The film also stars a friend of mine; Philicia Saunders, who also is graduating from Princeton and will be heading to Grad school to dive even further into acting... She is amazingly talented and it was dope working with her and too muh fun!

So here is the teaser trailer...I REPEAT...THE TEASER TRAILER for the film....I will post the film soon...but it will be up for a limited amount of time, due to the rules of film competitions (they usually don't want you to post your stuff on the internet youtube/vimeo) so out of respect for the director...Thats how its gunna go! atleast until I'm notified I can keep it on the internet...


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