Monday, February 23, 2009

Long Overdue Post-Santogold-One of the best new artists out there...PERIOD

SO....I've been listening to Santogold (birth name Santi White) more and more...As strange and abstract as her music sounds, it is very deep and the lyrics she comes up with are insane.  I personally think she's a musical genius and every song sounds different.  Her material is very diverse and she features on many artist's songs these days (Kanye, Drake, and EVERYONE else....I could only think of 2...). She speaks from the soul and she has hipsters and all kinds of other people in New York and all around the country going crazy for her tracks.  She's straight outta Brooklyn....and goes hard.  If you don't know about Santogold...get to know her...or you will be hearing her name a lot in the next few months and feel left out.  She has an album that came out summer of 2008 self-titled "Santogold".  If you like M.I.A., you will love Santogold's music.  So GO GET IT....

Santogold (left) M.I.A. (right)


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